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Casey Electrical Service have at least two vehicles in the city at any time during business hours.  We pride ourselves on being able to reach your property in the shortest possible time.   What makes us unique is our diligence in organising maintenance with your tenant and ensuring that your property manager has all information to hand for you and should you require information for VTAC, we are able to provide that to you. 

We have been servicing Real Estate agents for 7 years and therefore really understand the requirement of maintenance in the City and Suburbs.

As a Property Manager, your job is hard enough already without having to chase up trades!  Our job is to communicate with you and keep your tenants and landlords satisfied that maintenance is being actioned.  We value communication and keep you informed about our dealings with tenants and especially when maintenance is arranged. 

As a new property manager partnering with our business, we provide a detailed procedure manual regarding how we complete maintenance and how we correspond with you.  Our experienced team has experience with and in property management and is available to provide you with information you require.  We also welcome new ideas to ensure our service remains completely relevant to you and is always the best.

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We understand the values of landlords as we wear two hats ourselves ie as a service providers and landlords. The secret to a successful investment property is a great manager, a happy tenant and good trades who look after your interests. You obviously have obligations to meet regarding the safety of the property and your tenant(s). Expediting contact with tenants when maintenance is requested is imperative. Immediate action means the tenant has no recourse on the maintenance item. Communication with both the tenant and the property manager and with you if necessary is the key to successful rental. We also are very diligent at keeping your costs as low as possible. The eating away of rent with maintenance costs is not prudent.