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Smoke Detectors

Since 1st August, 1997 Victorian Law states that smoke alarms (complying with Australian Standards AS 3786) must be installed in all homes, units, flats and townhouses.* 

It is the legal responsibility of all owners and landlords to ensure that there are working smoke alarms in each property. The following applies: 

  • Residential homes constructed before 1st August 1997 need only 9 volt battery powered smoke alarms installed
  • Residential homes constructed after 1st August 1997 must have smoke alarms connected to 240 volt mains power.  In addition a back up battery must be installed in the smoke alarm
  • Casey Electrical can ascertain if the correct Smoke Detector has been installed in the correct location in the property.  This also entails whether the smoke detector is the correct type for the location ie ionisation or photoelectric.
  • Casey Electrical use and recommend PSA Lifesaver products.  We “choose” PSA products as they are in our opinion the best in the market as well as being made in Burwood, Victoria.   They are also approved to latest Australian AS3786 standard and Activfire listed as well as modern slim-line designs.  Our clients have an obligation to have installed and maintain superior working smoke alarms to protect themselves and their tenants as well as maintaining prestige aesthetically pleasing residences.

Ionisation Smoke Alarms (PSA Lifesaver 5000)

  • Dual chamber Ionisation Technology
  • 240V 9VDC battery back up  Photoelectric Smoke Alarms (PSA Lifesaver 5800 & PSA Lifesaver 5800RL)

Photoelectric technology

  • Suitable for near kitchen installation
  • 240VAC 9VDC battery backup
  • Insect screen over sensor
  • RL has lithium rechargeable battery 

Casey Electrical will attend your property to check the smoke alarm on your request.  We also routinely check Smoke Alarms free of charge should we attend your property for other maintenance